What is Vegan – Vegetarian Certificate ?


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What is Vegan – Vegetarian Certificate ?

There are organizations such as NBE and IBI that register this culture and benefit this life culture. These organizations can be either registration, accreditation or a non-governmental organization.

The Certificate, that the registration activities that the registration providers will carry out on the products of the customer organization which requested the certificate, revealing whether they meet the requirements of the NSO-NAP 7 Vegan or Vegetarian standard/criteria, ensuring that the products and production are under control, and that these activities and the whole of the activities and the transactions that give confidence to this culture and the consumer is called “Vegan - Vegetarian Certificate”.

Another definition of this registration and certification process is the "License" process.

We provide 100% Guarantee for consumers.

We provide online traceability to the reliable test results of our accredited laboratories with the "qr-code" in the certificate.

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