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Stage 1 - Application Stage

Stage 2 - Quotation - Contract Stage

  • The application mail that received from the info@veganvegetarian.org is been directed to nearest Licenced - Accredited Authorized Certification Body
  • A quotation contract will be prepared according to information given at application form by the the registered certification body
  • After the approval of Quotation Contract the certification procedure will be started

Stage 3 - Payment of Test Fees

  • Customer pay the test fee indicated at contract
  • NOTE: Procedure is not started without payment.

Stage 4 - Preparing of final product sample and delivery

  • Customer prepared the sample(s) for the products specified at contract and delivered to Authorized Certification Body

Stage 5 - Performing product testing

  • The product's samples received by Authorized certification body is delivered them to Authorized Licenced Accredited Laboratory.
  • The laboratory performs tests that take around 1-2 weeks.
  • The test result is presented to Authorized certificaytion body as a report.

Stage 6 - Certification Payment according to the Appropriate Test Result

  • The AUTHORIZED CERTIFICATION Body demands payment of the fee specified in the contract for certification, if it deems the test results are appropriate.
  • NOTE: Certification is not made without payment.

Stage 7 - Certification Committee Stage

  • AUTHORIZED CERTIFICATION Organization establishes a Vegan Committee (Committee consists of Expert Auditors) depending on the fact that the test reports received are POSITIVE.
  • Committee evaluate by the test report and application form
  • If the committee does not have sufficient opinion, a 1-day process audit to the customer company is requested from Certification body. If the committte finds it sufficient, committee takes a direct CERTIFICATION DECISION and proposes the certification.
  • The authorized Certification body is perform the audit to the customer company.
  • The committee evaluate again by the audit report and if it seem fit , the certification is been recommended

Stage 8 - Certification Stage

  • AUTHORIZED CERTIFICATION Company management carries out the certification according to the recommendation decision of the Committee. The company delivered the certificate to the customer.
  • The traceability of the certificate is provided by the qr-code on the certificate and the traceability only provided from the web-site of the organisation www.veganvegetarian.org

Stage 9 - Market Surveillance

  • Evaluation is performed by getting certificated company's product(s) in the scope of certificate from the market with unannounced. In negative cases, the certificate is canceled and the reasons are notified to the customer company.
  • Maximum 2 times a year unannounced market surveillance is performed.

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