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Vegan Certificate

Integrated Business Institute (IBI)

It is an international non-profit brand that produces certification and natural product standards globally.

With its corporate identity, policies and service standards, IBI provides licenses and accreditations to organizations for certification services by establishing the NSO-NAP 7 Standard in Vegan-Vegetarian and types. Accreditation and Licensing is provided by NBE - NATACCS (International Natural Accreditation Services), one of the most important organizations in the world, and is documented certificated by authorized certification bodies.

Our difference is our globally recognized and acknowledged certificate structure.

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NSO-NAP 7 Vegan Standard and Certification contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals.

Vegan ≠ Vegetarian

Having difficulty at distinguishing ?

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What is Vegan ?

Vegetarian nutrition, in which no animal products are preferred, has become a culture, the main element of people's living spaces is the way of removing meat from their preferences and meeting the main nutritional structure with plant products.

What is Vegetarian ?

Individuals who do not comsume animal foods, meat and meat products but consumes animal products (such as milk, eggs, honey, silk, etc.) at singly or in multiple variations and are called "vegetarian".

How To Distinguish Vegan or Vegetarian Certificate ?

Product contents are distinguished as "Vegan Certificate" or "Vegetarian Certificate" according to the criteria determined according to NSO-NAP 7 Standard "Vegan" or "Vegetarian" criteria.

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