Vegan – Vegetarian Certificate

In terms of Environment and Health, consumption patterns that change today, the human beings encourage different lifestyles and putting in search.Individuals' search for structural differences, in their living spaces, with their own consumption habits and living patterns, has begun to emerge since ancient times and has developed much more today.

Conscious and sensitive consumption habits cause different diets, and in these ongoing patterns, a diet and lifestyle that is free from animal meat sources such as Vegan-Vegetarian is encountered.

With the use of natural resources and environmental awareness of human beings, Vegan-Vegetarian habits are becoming widespread day by day.The basis of these proliferation is worthless and bad-treatment of animals by human beings. The poor conditions in the livestock sector, the torture of animals, and the brutally applied production methods at the slaughter point have reached unacceptable levels for animal-friendly consumers.These situations divided the diet and lifestyle of in our world into distinctive fractions, and the vegetarian life culture gave rise to distinctive markings in the 1970s.

The vegan-vegetarian symbols, which have been used in increasing numbers globally since 1996, have revealed the importance of markings for organizations to express themselves to consumers who use these preferences and to meet the demands of consumers.

NSO started its own marking with the Vegan-Vegetarian Standard and Logo (Label/License) it published in 2017. NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian Logo is unrelated with the symbol of Professor and/or any association, foundation etc.

The birth of a specific sector in which manufacturers want to make a profit in the final stage and its coming to this day started from those years and has reached a widespread product range today. The Vegan - Vegetarian Certificate, which was evaluated as Natural Food Standards by NSO and turned into NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-vegetarian standard criteria, and which was taken into the accreditation program by NATACCS (International Natural Accreditation Service)-International Natural Accreditation Organization has turned into an internationally valid certification, has been one of the pioneers to support the elimination of this deficiency in our country.

The certificate in which the consumer demands that reject the consumption of animal meat and prefer some animal products other than meat differently or do not prefer at all, are put into production and the consumption habits mentioned are institutionally registered on a product basis is called "Vegan Certificate".

“Vegan - Vegetarian Certificate” is the document given at the final stage for both structures that reveals the status of the applications of criteria and types.

NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian Certification has played an important role to creatie solutions and trust to companies in our country and vegan-vegetarian consumers, provide our companies to take place in this category of the global market and to make a profit.

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