How is Vegan-Vegetarian Certificate Accreditation and Validity


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Vegan - Vegetarian Certificate is carried out on a voluntary basis in line with the demands of the producer. Producers can have reliable certificate by obtaining these certificates from the notified bodies or authorized bodies.

The Certification Bodies are accredited and lincenced by NBE and NATACCS ( International Natural Accreditation Service) you can find the NSO-NAP 7 Vegan Vegetarian certificate licensed and accredited bodies by clicking on the link.

Our Accreditation and License, by ensuring the international recognition, prestige and acceptance of our certificates, make them stand apart and value apart from other vegan - vegetarian documents.

In addition, Accreditation is a reason for trust and preference.

We provide 100% Guarantee for consumers.

We provide online traceability to the reliable test results of our accredited laboratories with the "qr-code" in the certificate.

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