Global climate change is damaging arable farmland !

With the development of the industry, human beings are rapidly moving towards choosing between advantages and vital disadvantages. So, is the uncontrolled use of sources, which concerns us very closely, harming the world ?

The uncontrolled use of earth's resources harms the ecological system, living things and therefore the whole planet, which is now a well-known fact. Industrialization is unfortunately one of our dilemmas that have developed in parallel with population growth. This is where we start making mistakes. If the demand of a product increases than the production of that product also increases. Insufficient of labor force brings the industrialization. Veganism is also rapidly heading towards industrialization, which is undeniable. This result occurs as a matter of course. Either we will not consume or we will save, population will not growth. In these two cases seems unlikely. If we accept industrialization, it should be for the development of veganism.

The picture faced on the livestock side of industrialization is scary enough. Livestock Industry with global climate change, are the main cause of losing soil and forest, clean water resources, arable land, edible grain resources, and we do this with our own hands. We focus on uncontrolled consumption and we are insatiable, not to mention waste. We are consuming resources rapidly, rendering sustainability helpless. After that by overcoming environmental and global problems, we are thinking how to eat cheaper meat and we are betraying both the environment and our lives.