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The word Vegan was occurred by Elsie Shrigley and Donald Watson from the word vegetarian at 1944, the “Veganism” culture, which also rejects the consuming of products as, food and non-food leather such as meat, dairy products, eggs, honey, suede, wool and silk, etc, has started.

In the livestock sector, the inability to provide suitable conditions for animal husbandry in general terms, production methods such as unconsciousness, torture, and the fact that animals murdered in some methods were brought to the agenda were not accepted as acceptable and not satisfied. After that situation occurred the Veganism Culture was born as respect to animal.

After 1966 the increasing number used of global vegan-vegetarian symbols, the importance of the marking occurs concerning to companies expressing themselves to their consumers who used this choice this and meeting the requirements of consumers.

At 2017 NSO has started its own marking by publishing the Vegan-Vegetarian Standard and Logo (Label/Licence). The NSO-NAP 7 Vegan-Vegetarian Logo has no related with the Professor's symbol. The Vegan-Vegetarian Logo is the symbol/ mark of the organization that provided by the foundation of NBE (New Business Education Foundation).

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