What is Veganism ?


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What is Veganism ?

The life style, that prefers by the relevant consumer in society that refuse to use foods of animal origin and other non-food animal products by the reason as health, environment, spiritual-divine-religious etc and prioritize respect for animal rights and aim to prevent the damage to the earth resources and the environment caused by animal product production, is called “Veganism”.

At Veganism; the products as food, medicine, clothing, furniture, all vital necessities etc., produced from animals or using ingredients of animal origin in production are not consumed or are not used.

They do not use any food and non-food products that obtained by using animal products during production as leather, hair, feathers, fur, suede, bone, bone meal, gelatine, wool, lanolin, silk, honey, propolis, beeswax, butter, tallow, egg, egg products, milk, dairy products, certain additives, and GMO in agricultural products. (and more)

Also; They never use the medicine, cosmetic and chemical products that are tested on animals. They do not approve and do not participate in forms of entertainment such as zoos, circuses, horse races where animals are used.

Its ideology; To protect and respect the Environment, Health, Spirituality, Human and Animal Rights.

Veganism is Divided into 2 Groups;

1- Ethical Veganism: It is a group that has an equality and mutually beneficial approach in animal and human rights.

2- Environmental Veganism: It is the group that considers animal rights in the second place and prioritizes the damage caused by the production of animal products to the environment.

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